How is the residence permit for non-EU workers obtained in Romania?

Romanian companies have begun to expand their reach in their search for labour, and a growing number are turning to Asian workers. The advantages are numerous, but many firms face a process that is perceived as cumbersome and time-consuming, which discourages employers.

To obtain a work permit in Romania, it is essential to meet all legal requirements and follow the procedures set by the authorities, ensuring that all necessary documents, including those related to professional qualifications, are completed correctly and submitted in a timely manner.

The difficulty of this process is largely due to a lack of familiarity with the legal procedures and the need to obtain various documents, such as an employment permit. However, this barrier can easily be overcome by a simple and efficient solution: working with a specialised recruitment agency.

By contracting the outsourced services from a specialised agency, companies can avoid the headaches associated with the process and benefit from a smooth and hassle-free procedure. The agency will take care of all the formalities, ensuring that the foreign worker can legally work in Romania.

To ensure a successful and efficient integration of foreign workers, it is essential that employers have a basic understanding of the process. This involves not only knowing the role of the recruitment agency, but also understanding the stages a worker goes through before they can contribute to the success of a company in Romania.

Residence permit in Romania for foreigners: How to get it in 2023

Work Permit, a mandatory step in recruiting non-EU staff

To ensure the legal employment of Asian workers in Romania, an indispensable element is the work permit.

It is the duty of each employee to be able to confirm, at any time, his legal status in the country where they are working. In this respect, the work permit and the residence permit for work become central pillars.

Residence permit, the mandatory step after arrival in the country

Documents required to obtain a residence permit in Romania

Obtaining a residence permit is a mandatory step for all non EU workers who want to work in Romania,

The process of obtaining the permit is coordinated by the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI), which ensures the legality and checks of the documents submitted.

After obtaining the residence permit, the holder can be identified by it in Romania. The permit will contain information such as the identity of the worker, the address where he/she lives, the duration and purpose of the stay.

Why is it worth hiring Asian labour in Romania?

A major advantage of hiring Asian labour is stability. Once all legal requirements are met, these non EU workers tend to be more loyal, staying with the company for longer periods than locals.

Workers from Asia bring with them not only the manpower, but also a unique set of skills that can boost business development. Their loyalty and dedication can be a valuable asset, giving the employer a competitive advantage as he won’t have to constantly worry about recruitment and be able to rely on a stable staff.


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