How Much Does It Cost To Hire Foreign Workers From Asia?

The current context in Romania presents a worrying demographic situation. Projections suggest that, if we continue on the same trajectory, our population could fall to 16 million by 2050.

Moreover, almost 200,000 citizens choose to seek opportunities abroad each year, and only half of them return to the country during the same year. Thus, the labour market feels this impact, making it increasingly difficult for companies to identify the right candidate.

A possible long-term solution is workers from non-EU countries such as India, Nepal or Sri Lanka. Thanks to Romania’s competitive wage levels, they find attractive opportunities here. And while bringing in skilled or unskilled staff from Asia might seem expensive at first glance, the reality is that these costs are more reasonable than one might assume.

Why are Romanian companies looking to recruit foreign workers from Asia?

With the migration of Romanian workers to other countries in search of better economic opportunities, the Romanian labour market has experienced a significant gap. This gap manifests itself, in particular, in the services offered and their quality, caused by the absence of experienced professionals in certain fields. In response, Romanian employers have increasingly turned to bringing in labour from abroad, especially from Asia.

The question arises: why is the Asian labour force so much in demand by Romanian companies? Well, there are several reasons. Their employment is usually long-term – often for two years or more, thus ensuring operational stability. The values they bring, together with their reliability, professionalism and physical stamina, position them as attractive options for various sectors where there is a growing demand for staff.

In addition, their ability to adapt quickly, their motivation to provide a better living for their families and the economy they represent for employers are aspects that reinforce their value within the Romanian labour market. If you are looking for effective solutions to your business’ staffing needs, hiring Asian workers may be a strategy to consider.

Reasons to choose foreign workers from Asia for the companies you run

Asian workers in particular who choose to work in Romania are often fluent in English, easily adaptable and sociable. The majority of these hires are channelled through foreign recruitment companies with experience of both the Romanian process and an experienced Asian practice.

The recruitment process is meticulous and includes various assessment stages. We, at TaktRecruitment, make sure that every candidate is aligned with your company’s requirements. You will be informed of all recruitment options and we will find together the most efficient solution for the preparation of the necessary documents.

It is worth mentioning that the remuneration of an unskilled, but experienced and serious worker in Asia is around the minimum wage in Romania, plus accommodation and meal vouchers.

In addition to the salary offered, which will always be related to the salary scale of the employer, the company will also have to pay a fee to the recruitment company. This fee varies depending on the category of employee (for example, recruiting an unskilled worker is done at a lower cost than recruiting an IT worker).

The fee to the recruiting company varies from company to company, often including expenses incurred for the procedure of submitting applications for work permits, visa applications, applications for residence permits, translations and legalizations, international and national transportation expenses, etc.

Fees may also vary depending on the number of persons to be recruited, with discounts for a larger number.

Conditions imposed in the search for labour from Asia

  • The employer must be up to date with payments to the state;
  • The employer’s work must correspond to the candidate’s role;
  • The candidate must be medically fit for the job;
  • Absence of criminal history that could conflict with the desired position;
  • Fulfillment of the annual quota defined by government decisions;

At TaktRecruitment, we are dedicated to supporting you at all stages of the recruitment process, ensuring a perfect match between candidates and your company’s needs.

Why work with a recruitment agency to hire foreign workers?

When you want to bring in professionals from outside the Romanian borders, especially from non-EU areas, it is essential to consider working with a recruitment agency that has a known reputation and real experience in the field.

Integrating new employees into the organisation requires specific formalities and a lot of rigour. This is where steps in to assist you in every step of the process, ensuring that you hire the most suitable candidates for your needs in an efficient and hassle-free way.

Any approach to recruiting from Asia, for example, requires a thorough approach and in-depth knowledge of the field. By transferring these responsibilities to a company like ours, you ensure that the process runs smoothly and that your investment in human resources will be a successful one, contributing to the growth and development of your business.

We suggest clients to be guided by 3 essential pillars for successful recruitment:

  1. know your recruiter (it is extremely important to choose a reliable partner with real experience, a team of professionals, who will provide all the information in a transparent and applied way)
  2. get actively involved in the recruitment process (provide all relevant information for the position you are looking for, be present during interviews, ask for practical tests to be present as an employer, ask for pre-arrival training programmes, etc.).
  3. keep in touch with the recruiter even after the foreigners have arrived in the country (after the arrival of the foreigners maintain a dialogue with the recruiter to make the process of accommodation as efficient as possible. Most of the time, the companies that bring in the labour force do not carry out a correct integration from the foreigner’s point of view, but rather a correct integration from their point of view).

We will call you back if the call is received outside business hours. Calls may be recorded.


We will call you back if the call is received outside business hours. Calls may be recorded.